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A centralised hub for all our work (and yours)

Even AI needs people to make it happen. Technology is the enabler but people are the key. 

Our business is about helping people and pivotal to this is a centralised hub to manage work and collaborate with our team members and clients. We needed something powerful and straightforward. A platform so intuitive that it gets out of the way and empowers people to work better together.

We run our business and are a proud partner of Click on the logo to give it a go or explore how we use below. 


Everything starts with a rock-solid team

Take a look on how we use to orchestrate the people and technology we represent to deliver awesome solutions.





A central hub for all work

We work with virtual teams covering different time zones and specialities. gives us an intuitive platform which is at the centre of everything we do. It is more than a planning tool. It allows everyone to have complete visibility of all tasks associated with a project and is our main point of collaboration and communication replacing email and other forms of chat.

A complete Agile planning environment

Agility is baked into the DNA of That gives our planning a huge advantage. It easily allows team members to adopt an approach that suits the level of agile maturity appropriate to the team and project. Our more advanced projects make full use of scrum management with all its intricacies. Other projects simply need a quick and easy way to keep track of tasks without the fuss of being bogged down by steep learning curves or strict adherence to a specific approach.

Integration with popular platforms

There is no single solution that serves everyone’s needs. Being a hub allows to bring information together from different sources in a single location. This includes JIRA, Microsoft Teams, Trello, Slack, Excel, Dropbox and Google drive. It gives us the freedom to focus on delivery and bringing people together without forcing them to change the way they work and the tools they are most familiar with.

Customer Engagement brings a people focus to the forefront allowing us to build strong relationships with our clients. Custom forms help us to provide a highly personalised and an easily deployable customer experience. Automations allow custom rules to be set up to ensure the right team members are notified, calendars kept in check and generally to provide a superior customer experience without any fuss.